28 Responses to “Bible Prophecy in the News : One World Religion”

  • Messiahsking says:

    There are only two types of people living in the world today. Those who are reborn by the Holy Spirit of God are the true children of God and have come out of spiritualo blin dness and deception. Those who are not, are the very children of Satan for Jesus plainly reveal this when He said, ” Whoever commiteth sin is of their father the devil.” Sin is their master and they do not realize that they are in bondage and headed for a devil’s hell, as no world religion can change that.

  • canadianroot says:

    All you religious nuts ought to spend more time learning how to spell, instead of spouting memorized and repeated theological drivel.

  • theskyisfalling321 says:

    If Oprah is right, then Jesus is wrong! Chose you on this day whom you will believe!

  • slicksmitty1 says:

    THERE BOTH WRONG ,jesus is the only way but threw love we make disciples and that was Jesus’ whole reason for coming to this planet was threw sacrifice he lived as a servent to others so by proclaiming somebodys wrong…then that isnt love thats not how you win others over, by doing that they just pushed away alot of people oprahs wayyyyyyyyyy wrong by even having tht topic

  • komaki119 says:

    @MrLinolinares No no, Dont read the Bible or the Quran. Read Carl Sagan’s cosmos and Darwin’s on the origin of species. ;)

  • jrcook80 says:

    Oprah is very blinded. There is only one way to Jesus! God made us all! We can’t get to Heaven as Jesus said, No one comes to the Father, but by me! Jesus didn’t intend for violence, but for peace. Its Satan who causes peple to have violence. The reason why we have so much violence because all religions are false, but Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Jesus is not religion, but a way of life! We need to accept Jesus as the only answer!!

  • somearmyguy1 says:

    @somearmyguy1 suck a dick faggot

  • WorshipInTruth says:

    Sorry Oprah, kindness and loving and generosity will NOT bring you to God, only through Jesus.
    Like the rest of the world, oprah is teaching a works based salvation, not suprising because, after all, she is the pope of the female drone in this country.

  • VirtuosoX1 says:

    Im sorry, Oprahs right, if you believe there is only one true religion you must be so arrogant and narrow minded. Its more about action then belief.

    But hey, the wonders of the world is freedom (:

  • tdforjesus says:

    Omg we really are living in the last days. All of these bible prophesis are coming true. It is both good and terrible….good for the saved and bad for the unsaved

  • agilefuseconsulting1 says:

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  • SaneAtheist says:

    @somearmyguy1 Someone should “lead” you to an English classroom genius.

  • somearmyguy1 says:

    @SaneAtheist tolerance will leed to your damnation

  • somearmyguy1 says:


  • ParadoxmProductions says:

    @B4mytyme One nation under god. Nuff said.

  • SaneAtheist says:

    All I see is Christian intolerance.

  • MsDezzyzRayz says:

    “What about Jesus !” What a comment. What does Oprah think calling herself a Christian when the Bible is clear it is through Jesus Christ alone that we are saved. The bible says that many will subscribe to unsound doctrine and that is exactly what is happening. Jesus gave his life for us all and this is how we thank him. It’s an abomination in the worst way.

  • Discerningthetruth says:

    Isn’t the Bible amazing?? Prophecy is always fulfilled just as foretold! Great video..thanks!

  • diptdipt says:

    Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!
    Note: Praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible (keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.).

  • babyjdad says:


  • savana906 says:


  • B4mytyme says:

    the man who interrupted the prayer is an idiot. there shouldn’t be ANY prayer before a government event. separation of church and state. christians and muslims and jews have to realize that just becuz its your belief doesn’t make it right. christians have tried to make christianity the ONE wolrld religon for years a lot of times by bloody force.

  • beatleman69 says:

    The Bible talks about a one world religion during the tribulation in Revelation 13 verses 3 & 4:
    3: And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.
    4: And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

  • upinfection says:

    @MrLinolinares Thats what I do.

  • MrLinolinares says:

    @upinfection don’t read the quran, read the bible

  • erinberger says:

    check it out, a calculator watch!

  • Zouscarlett says:

    are you stupid? the roman catholic church works with the unholy trinity. The Revelation: “For if you will read the Book of Revelation with the idea of the body qua the interpretation, you will understand yourself and learn to really analyze, psychoanalyze, mentally analyze others. Though you will have to learn to apply it in self first.” Cayce Reading: 4083-1 compare io. 14-17 like recorded to John. They hid the real gospel of Mark and Matthew in the vauls of the Vatican!

  • The2012phenomneon says:

    Grab a camera and zoom in on the sun, you may see strange activity that nasa is covering up, dont worry looking through the screen of a digital camera is safe, dont use a telescope or you will most likely go blind, but i seen a large solar eruption, 0 degrees north, 70-90 degree east, .

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