52 Responses to “HAARP is an Illuminati Earthquake machine used in Japan”

  • TheGraffiteGhost says:

    What happened to the good ole’ days when secret organizations and societies didn’t exist? When empires were fought with sword & shield? I swear, the more advanced life becomes, the harder it gets :p Life from other planets would find no need to invade Planet Earth, we kill enough of ourselves as it is….

  • NaduaGarbe says:

    @NaduaGarbe sorry dear, but I’d just copied and sent it forward…………..didn’t know how to correct the errors, but I totally agree with you.

  • duskedennis says:

    illuminati is going to get destroyed, i wanna destroy bush, lady gaga, rihanna, obama, rothschild and rockefeller family, alone or with the free people of the earth, the people that knows about haarp and other weapons like that, people that knows secrets, people that knows about 2012. it is our duty to tell people about them, get out with our knowledge. warn them.

  • maria610421 says:

    What the man in the vedio is saying is true, I tried to post a comment about this and it was taken down immediately. How I knew was the dead fishes that turned up in California a week before, the fishes was stunned via HAARP, it also caused a minor tremour in Japan, and later to the Major Earth Quake. The German Nazi scientist who worked on the Nuclear bombs is those who invented HAARP, people must read up on it. The American arm of the Illuminati Freemasons was behind this attack on Japan.

  • kmoney37 says:

    You are a brave man. Thank you for the information. May the Divine Creator protect you.

  • TrutherGuy1 says:

    @MrRiceowlex Thank you for posting this.

  • mrhand18 says:

    run to high ground when you see rainbow colored skys

  • terracaixa says:

    This is fucking stupid

  • savgal1211 says:

    Yes, our Gumnnt” is bright enoughtto creae a machine to cause the Japan coast to shift 8 feet? PLEASE!!Well, Noone is that bright. Even if it COULD be done, 1 Why 2 and wouldn’t they be destroying everything NOW?? 3 How ?
    I am a Prepper and have 2 yrs food stored, I buy and stack silver and am not a conspiracy theorist!!

  • arielreyes96 says:

    @ctwatcher there was a flood around where i live thats why some people at my school were late

  • tonemnster says:

    Remember? when people? had good grammar? and knew? how to spell?

    Let’s start a grammar revolution !!!!!!!!!

  • NaduaGarbe says:

    Remember when you? could watch a video without? having to sitthrough a commercial?

    Remember When Music Videos Were uploaded by users not VEVO

    Remember When all the info was to the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video1-5 stars?

    Remember The famous yellow? subscribe? button?

    Remember when the users controlled the site not corcorations?


    Post this in every video and? let`s start a youtube revolution !!!!!!!

  • slowlybutfasholy says:

    @zach26051 hahaha….maybe some sectarian war going on..

  • kopfrepublik says:

    Die Freimaurer sind schuldig. Die Neger. Die Juden und all die anderen NWO Organisierer.

  • rdfusa63 says:

    @MrRiceowlex Nickoli Tesla was Head and Shoulders above Einstein. No comparison…

  • barnesfam says:

    And that’s why the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened.

  • hhefner2000 says:

    You can find out more at alpha411.blogspot about HAARP, numerology about the Japanese earthquake. This did not happen by chance nor was it “an act of God”.

  • adikiny says:

    The Illuminati seem to intend to stage second coming of Jesus Christ who will set up a World Government (Kingdom of God signified by the sign G on their symbols and aprons). The Japan february earthquake/sunami is not a surprise at all for EARTHQUAKES are now artificially caused by the Illuminati who use them as their most effective and ultimate weapon for world domination. Illuminati want to completely eliminate, in fact, wipe away Japan and most likely, many other nations on planet Earth.

  • zach26051 says:

    idiot! dont u realize the asian “protection” booklet has an ILLUMINATI symbol on it! -.-

  • Bludipz says:

    Im raging and starting to lose faith in humanity….

  • johnoeliam says:

    @karandres yeah mate you are right.. sorry

  • hindumuslimchristain says:

    @MrRiceowlex ..and before he could invent the wireless transmission system …he was killed by the people who wanted to make money of electricity

  • chatogalvan18 says:

    U think he’s dead yet.

  • hulk11223 says:

    9/11/01+3/11/11= 12/22/12 3*11= 33 highest dergee in freemason

  • Kenny123456ish says:

    Be not afraid to WONDER what the Illuminata is doing For, they are doing things beyound your Imagination!

  • TheMohamad506 says:

    @ExquisiteKinkyCoils MF @ you

  • NinjaKitty320 says:

    @CharlieMadison There called Transitions. Video would be pretty amateur looking without them. I doubt the Illuminati would give THIS much info if it was meant to confuse us.

  • chachawee says:

    videos make sense.. does March 11 2011 tragedy at Japan made by illuminati.aside from number 11,.japan is one of the most successful country…

  • KorruptedMiind says:

    @CharlieMadison yea i quickly paused it at the right time it says something like stay focused

  • jamalrauf says:

    @CharlieMadison It’s just Michael Jackson’s face. Blur your vision and you will be able to see it

  • jamalrauf says:

    @criminalminded17 yeah, It’s easier to see if you blur your vision

  • lowbudget22 says:

    @criminalminded17 yeah i saw it too

  • xDexBoy says:

    wow, I know this is going to sound bad but I’d rather he die then come a muslim, thats just mad.

  • milthon14xxx says:

    @JamesRideout123 Rofl.

  • criminalminded17 says:

    i saw michaels face in those little dots at the beggining!!!! did someone see it?

  • Martiinkun says:

    @CharlieMadison dude what does flash in the beginning of the video!?!?!?!

  • Wretsler says:

    @yeayeawateva1 WDF I SEE IT 2

  • lovejoydoll says:

    @yeayeawateva1 Yes

  • ExquisiteKinkyCoils says:

    @TheMohamad506 SMDH @ you.

  • TheMohamad506 says:

    @ExquisiteKinkyCoils Whatever man.

  • orkhanify says:

    @yeayeawateva1 yep it is, surely), it means u’re not crazy ;)

  • DoNotLaughAtMe says:

    Religion isn’t right ? What the heck…

  • DoNotLaughAtMe says:

    @CharlieMadison cool, you know all the messages, and yeah your right, thought I wasn’t the only one watching something flashing.

  • UntamedRacer says:

    @yeayeawateva1 They are positioned like that. Its quite obvious that these videos are just mind fuckers.

  • TKTRV says:

    GOOGLE> WHEN THIS IS OVER and BY GOD IT WILL BE says JOhn Joseph O’Brien :-)

    GOOGLE > BET GOD ON “IT” says John Joseph O’Brien :-)
    FUCK YOU OPRAH says John Joseph O’Brien


  • CharlieMadison says:

    THIS VIDEO IS CAUSING YOU TO TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER BECAUSE OF YOUR RELIGIONS, PEOPLE HAVE PUT IDEAS IN YOUR HEAD THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE BAD & SO ON, BUT WOULD YOU NOT SAY IT IS SATAN MAKING YOU FIGHT? You believe what you want to believe, but make sure you know that it is right, don’t listen to things like this and they mess with your head, put things in there that shouldn’t, they say things to complicated for us to get our heads round to confuse us, so in the end, we turn on each other!

  • CharlieMadison says:

    I just wanna say, hasn’t anyone else noticed these videos all have subliminal messages?
    They are faster than a second so you can’t pause it on youtube to see what they are or say, but there are definitely subliminal messages in this?
    White flashes either side of the dots at the beginning?
    Doesn’t it make you wonder if they’re trying to confuse you even more?

  • ExquisiteKinkyCoils says:

    @TheMohamad506 NSF, stop writing checks your ass can’t cash. Thank you for proving how spiritually empty Islam truly is behind the facade of peace, arrogance, intolerance, & works. Mohampedo, Caliphs, & muslims who killed innocent people are rotting in hell where they belong for killing in the name of fake god Allah. Rember that the next time you muslims lie & claim Allah is the same g-d worshiped by Jews & Christians. Allah/Satan has no authority over my soul, only the G-d Most High.

  • TheMohamad506 says:

    @ExquisiteKinkyCoils Your fucking stupid. Honestly.. Im not gonna read or response to your next answar cuz i have better things to do than wasting my fucking time on you motherfucker. See you in hell asshole.

  • ExquisiteKinkyCoils says:

    @TheMohamad506 still avoiding the truth & responding w/ ad hominem. You FAIL to address racism & your “religion”, abeed, raisin head, & biisha, addressing the verses in Koran & Hadith CLEARLY stating hatred for Jews & Christians which predates & contradicts Islam, ignoring Judah (Jews) as the descendants of Abraham, ignoring 50 year old Mohampedo falling in love & marrying a 9 year child, ignoring Coptic Christians dying in Islam Sharia law now, avoiding Lupe stealing from Kanye. Pathetic

  • Georgia Hasan says:

    I like to see those who would choose the LORD to resist the Illuminati, and to understand that they of the Illuminati are trying to cause a war between the Muslims and the Christians.

    As far a Michael Jackson goes, I never knew the man, but the crotch thing was such a turn-off to me I never was interested in anything about him except to get him to turn to the LORD, Yahweh. and the glove reminded me of the story , “Of Mice and Men” and that sexual sicko.

  • Reality-Check says:

    To all who view life, religion or whatever you will with ‘blind’ eyes. ANYTHING that inspires you to do good and be good is ‘right’ . Yes it’s sad that the blind follow religion or anything for that matter not knowing what ‘it’ or life is really about, but if that inspires them to do good in life don’t ridicule them. We must completely (yet not blindly) open our mind to all possibilities. Like a previous comment said, ‘they’ are doing things beyond our imagination. ‘they’ lightweight LET so much information be leaked, and even deeper info seepes out. And furthermore imagine what is REALLY going on that hasn’t even had a slight chance to surface. People don’t want to believe anything beyond their mundane lifes and claim it’s ‘crazy’ to even consider any of this we here are speaking about. But think of the fact that WE ARE ALL HERE AND DON’T EVEN HAVE A CLUE WHY. that is just as ‘crazy’ or exponentially crazier than any of these conspiracys. Really think about it folks. It’s all about love and respect. Ease implement that into your everyday lifes=]

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