25 Responses to “New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the Worlds Population”

  • djeternal1883 says:

    what if this is good? I wanna see you line up first for extermination.

  • Bisquack says:

    Well so long as I’m in the other 10 percent I got no problem with it.

  • AnthonyVincent1 says:

    How many times is this stupid ass song going to be played, every video I watch uses it, Makes me fucking sick, Can’t you people be more original?

  • ddarkshark says:

    @bornagain4virgin — this planet can support many billions more people, if people adapt to a simpler,basic lifestyle.
    there is so much uninhabited land!! look at earth with google earth, and see, all the bizillion acres of fertile land,
    we’ve been LIED to. there is no shortage of resources, it’s just been redirected by financial powers of the few.
    .blame the media for lying to you. they do this to aquire power. we have all been lied to by slick liars in suits.

  • iPhonestunna says:

    Fake and gay

  • matthewlane says:

    @HELLASEVOLUTION So you believe everything written on stone… Well in that case i’ve purchased a piece of stone under the name Rory Finch & upon it i have carved the words: “Hellasevolution is a complete wanker, with a tiny penis, who makes stupid nonsensical videos based on nonsense spoken by people about nonsense carved on granite.”

    Its okay… No one but conspiracy kooks will credit it with any real meaning.

  • ervin920 says:


  • postrealitysyndrome says:

    that’s not what I go out of it. I see it as peak oil requiring population reduction. Those on top are doing this because they realize the world will fall into chaos at the current rate of consumption and growth. This is consolidation of power.

  • lclpizza says:

    good set of rules for the planet, but who enforces them? what we need is a computer that can’t be corrupted in charge no need for wars, spray airbourne contraceptives for a period of time, reduce the populations gradually. then there will be no arguments because of race, religion etc, the only ones who will perceive this as a threat are the ones in power now i:e the illuminati, otherwise known as,priests, politicians/bankers with a w, and, old money families the bastards in charge now that is?

  • MrMarleypops says:

    Novela: El resurgir de la esvástica (Página de Facebook)

    Luego que la red ODESSA protegió y dio refugio a miles de asesinos nazis los dispersó en diferentes países junto con todos sus bienes y posesiones. Estos fueron colocados en diferentes gobiernos preparando el escenario para una nueva amenaza mundial.


    Conoce toda la verdad antes de que sea demasiado tarde…

    Disponible en Youtube

  • MsMihailescu says:

    To understand their NWO,all of you should read this important book for free on internet.
    Who Is Esau-Edom..Who Is Esau-Edom

  • earthga says:

    @vladimirkovalski you said Pope is bad guy? well without Pope there is no need for Jesus to return! so the Pope is doing a great job!

  • bornagain4virgin says:

    i agree, too many people on the planet.
    blame china, india and africa. they keep fucking like rabbits.
    europe, usa and japan ok though

  • ImperialSplashma says:

    @bottomfeeder73 he actually cant…he is dead by an earthquake..rest in peace bill (aka hellasevolution)

  • DmitriSochlioukov says:

    @2011internetproject well, actually many of our contemporary philosophies come from about 2000 years ago, our religions, even our ways of government (plutocracy, democracy etc.) apart from science we are still the same and when you see how much we know about ourselves there is not a whole lot of change percentage-wise because we still live by those old ideas and principles, in fact our societies can be mirrored exactly to the roman empire and greece

  • bottomfeeder73 says:

    I hate this FN song already!! Please be a little more original.

  • loliconagent says:

    @siriuship you fool matrix IS from these twerps…

  • MJFG100 says:

    o_O The name of the song in the beggining please

  • zomcom55 says:

    every kind of conspiracy is made up by people who come u with the conspiracys and you know the only reason they charge taxes so high is to support the whole united states would you rather have rioting going on in the street because they couldnt pay the salaries of the army and the police think about it

  • DeSwiss says:

    @siriuship Yes.

    “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

    We create reality from our thoughts and emotions – that was the message being attempted to be conveyed. Much of that message has been garbled and/or purposefully misused by those who sought to keep its power to themselves.

    We must first graduate from the kindergarten-middle-school-high school of the 3rd dimension before we are allowed to go to the college of light(s).

  • 2011internetproject says:

    @friendlybad – I completely agree. People get too obsess about this jargon.

    And also, If God does exist and is a perfect creator, he will not intervene without cause, because then he wouldn’t be perfect. Is this world better than it was 2000 years ago? I think so.

  • 2011internetproject says:

    You make new orders sound negative, going into assumptions that are strictly false. “Killing 90% of people” My arse. Restricting populations? Well eventually the world will have no choice but to introduce limits (take china for instance), but not because they can, but because they have to resources are limited. If we can’t get more, we have to make what we do have last.

  • SuperAmsterdamWest says:

    @ulsaker18 we will not loose
    we won with moses from the pharaoh and the freemasons are the family of them
    we won from the romans
    freemsons are also family of them
    we won from the jews
    and the zionists are family of them
    and now we will win again with jesus
    no one can stop jesus

  • ulsaker18 says:

    @SuperAmsterdamWest No they are not the most powerfull ones.

  • SuperAmsterdamWest says:

    this cant happen cause if they atack islam or christianity then they will loose
    cause these religions are the biggest and powerfullest groups on earth

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